“Womb to Tomb Computing”: A Prediction Regarding the Future of Computing


Computers are everywhere. We rely on computers for many things that we do every day of our lives. Many of the machines that we use have microprocessors that enable them to function properly. The smart phones that many people carry in their hands are more powerful than some of the earlier computers that were developed during the 20th Century.

The Use of Computers Spreading

More and more human beings are using computers every day at homes where they live and in offices where they work. Computers are even available in many hotels or the use of their guests. This makes it possible for people to use computers even when they travel, and even if they forget to carry their own laptop computers with them. Some of the larger restaurant and coffee shop chains have also started providing free connection to the Internet to lure more customers.

Computers Are At the Center of Everything in Society

Much of the modern world is software driven. I am sure somebody has said that “There is an app for everything and for everything there is an app.” If no one else has said that before, I will take credit for it.

In modern societies, computer chips and software are working silently behind the scenes to make sure that things are functioning smoothly. Modern society depends on computers depend on computers to such a great extent that it is hard to conceive of going back to a world without computers.

Computers Help Us in Every Walk of Life

Computers already help us from birth to death in many areas of life. Doctors use computers to help them diagnose patients and to prescribe medication. We use computers to learn in and outside of schools. Almost every job that we do requires the use of computers. WE even use computers to search and apply for jobs. How about socializing with others? Two words will more than answer that question: Facebook and Twitter.

Computers Are Becoming Smaller and Smaller

Some of the earlier electronic computers were really huge and compared to modern computers, quite limited in their capabilities. Desktop computer appear to be huge compared to tablet PCs. Computers are getting smaller and smaller. Eventually scientists will develop computers that are so small that they will be invisible to the naked human eye. In the not too distance future, it is conceivable that computers will be so small that many of them will be able to fit inside a human cell.

Womb to Tomb Computing

I boldly predict that by the year 2025 we will see the birth and growth of what can be called “womb to tomb computing.” People will be able to ingest nano-bio-computers or NBCs that will continuously monitor and collect data from various parts of the body that can be used by medical professionals to take corrective and curative action. Those humans who choose not to ingest NBCs can wear them on their bodies I the form of clothing or jewelry. The NBCs that can be replaced and upgraded periodically will continue to help human beings as they grow and mature, by providing information and computational capabilities that are appropriate for the needs of human beings at various stages of their lives. At the time of death of an individual, the NBCs can will be buried or cremated along with their host.

Let the era of womb to tomb computing begin!

M.O. Thirunarayanan

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